Attn: Important Announcement on Halogen City's Future

Registration on Halogen City is now disabled, and registration for Halogen Place is now open.

On October 2nd, at 8:00 PM EST, Halogen City is officially being sunset as a Matrix homeserver, to be replaced by a new homeserver at Halogen Place ( Improvements to the hardware and software behind the service should provide a substantially improved user experience over Halogen City. The new setup will also be far more scalable and resilient than the previous; the incidence of bugs and downtime should be greatly reduced moving forward.

Halogen City users are encouraged to migrate to the new server as soon as possible. Users that wish to preserve existing and federated Halogen City rooms and spaces should join their new Halogen Place account to the room, then provision the account with Admin permissions in that room or space. Adding a published address from Halogen Place and setting it as the main address of a room is recommended for the visibility and accessibility of those spaces moving forward.

Once Halogen City is sunset, accounts will be deactivated where possible, all client and server APIs will cease to respond to requests, and all Synapse database contents, media, and backups thereof will be wiped and made thoroughly inaccessible. I will endeavor to do this as correctly as possible, but homeservers that federate a substantial amount of content with Halogen City may want to plan actions on their end to handle Halogen City's permanent shutdown gracefully.

In the coming days I'll be working on Halogen City to improve its stability and accessibility during this transition period. Please note the new addresses for admin contact moving forward; I'll work through the backlog present in the old inbox but I can offer more timely responses to those using the new address.

I hope these upgrades will have been worth the wait.

See You There,



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